OnlyFans leak, Giving away premium pornographic content without authorization.

According to OnlyFans, a “group of people” are using its website to unlawfully download and share for free content that has been purchased.

Although the network is most recognized for being a source of sexual content, it is expanding its scope by hosting chefs, singers, and other influencers. Fans who subscribe pay a price to access a stream of images and videos from producers, who can monetize their work in a way that is not possible on more conventional social media platforms.

Recent reports claimed that hackers were putting together a Google Drive folder with material that appeared to have been taken from the network.

Backchannel, the cyber security research company that made the data public, claimed that a threat actor renowned for gathering and trading sexually explicit content had posted the files on a “low-tier hacker forum”.

“Videos and pictures stolen from hundreds of OnlyFans users” were among the files, according to the statement. According to Backchannel, the large number of files suggested that it was put together by several persons.

Initial reports had speculated that the platform itself might have been compromised, resulting in the content being made freely available. The content is actually being purchased, downloaded, and then unlawfully disseminated, according to OnlyFans, which claims that it has “not been hacked” and that “any reports of a security breach are false.”

A representative informed the Independent that “there is a group of people buying, compiling, and then illegally hosting content.”

“Content protection is a primary priority at OnlyFans, and our specialized anti-piracy team offers DMCA legal help to initiate takedowns on behalf of the artists. Copying, duplicating, or recording user content is against our Terms of Service, and the DMCA protects creator content that is shared without authorization.

In an effort to block not just those who are spreading the content but also internet service providers that supply hosting and search engines from connecting out to it, OnlyFans claimed that it was taking legal action.

A spokeswoman for OnlyFans said, “With a duty to help combat illegal piracy, OnlyFans is firmly in the fight to preserve user content. “Across offending image hosting sites, torrent providers, and cyber lockers, takedown success rates have been around 75%.”

Creators can enter their login into a unique tool that Backchannel has developed to determine whether their work is included in the leak.

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